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AfterSix Productions
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In September of 1981, Doug Ramsay was sitting in his college dorm room and
heard some slammin' bass guitar playing coming from the room above him. He
went upstairs to check it out, and introduced himself to his future roommate, Dan
McCollum. Since Doug played guitar in various high school R&B bands and Dan
did the same on bass, the two naturally hit it off. 
Being roommates during and after college allowed them to begin writing and
recording. From the beginning – using an old Electro-Harmonix drum machine
and tape recorder, they went to their first pro session at a $1 per track 12-track
studio in Fairfield, CT. From there they put together a group featuring a male and
two female vocalists. Out of that came songs such as "Backslider," "Same Place,
Same Time," "Baby Girl," "You're The One," "I Want Your Love" (The Slammin
Funk Remix), and "Special Lady." It was during that time, they were also
soliciting the talents of a young and very talented teenage songwriter and
producer, Bernard Edwards, Jr, son of the famed, late bassist, Bernard Edwards
of the legendary disco and R&B group, Chic.
The mid-80's saw the birth of After Six (yes, they were formed just a few months
before After 7 came out) and submission of a demo to SOLARolar Records, who
acknowledged some interest, but nothing came out of it. The two then parted
ways due to employment seeking, etc.
Fast-forward to 2002, after the development of two home studios, and one
relocation, After Six Productions was born. The first studio project was a remix of
a song called "It Takes Two." The success of the debut caused the team to more
formally pursue a writing/performing/production role, which they are still doing
In 2015, the debut project “What Love Is” was released. This nine-track urban
comtemporary/pop project told the story of boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in and
out of love, only to find each other again and live life happily ever after. The
project gained success here in the US as well as in the UK.
The duo is currently working on tracks from an upcoming project entitled ‘AfterSix
Doug's main instrument is guitar, with bass guitar as a second instrument and
keyboards third. Dan plays bass guitar, primarily, and keyboards, second.