How much music do you listen to? (22 Feb 21)

How much music do you listen to? (22 Feb 21)

Greetings all, I hope you’re well. Last week, while perusing my Instagram feed, I came across this post. It was interestingly ironic because I was actually pondering this question recently over the last year of this C19 pandemic. I’ve gotten in to a fair number of conversations with folks, not about the pure question itself, but more so how people listen to music (age range being a factor) in the advent of music streaming platforms. As a musician, I’m listening to music everyday, various genres at that, and “new” music, primarily in the urban contemporary genre (albeit minimally). What I have noticed is a void since last year. That void actually had to do with how I purposely used to invest time in the way I do listen to music vice how it has been over the last year. I came to realize I wasn’t listening “purposely” or purposefully (if that’s a word). This past weekend I came across a similar post asking about how much one listens to music as a musician and does the amount (and type of genre(s)) influence one’s production style. While the latter question really was of no consequence to me, a fair amount of commenters stated they really don’t listen to new music. I surmised why this was said, but that topic is for another blog post.

Getting back to listening to music as a musician, a friend of mine posed a question to me that same weekend and it reads as follows:

My answer flowed quickly like running water, and while it was natural, I didn’t mean for it to be interpreted as deep, but nonetheless, interpretation is everything.

In any event, the void I mentioned above has been filled, simply by taking the time to listen purposely again. I define that by listening to music and minimizing or, at best, totally eliminating multitasking. That leaves me to audibly explore what I’m listening to, and with every chance I get, make use of the available physical media additions such as CD or casssette cover artwork, liner notes, etc. I find that it makes the entire listening experience for more enjoyable, as it reminds of how I started listening to and enjoying music pre-internet. Do I still do chores, drive, etc, will listening to music – sure – but the experience is never the same as being able to devote deeper attention to it.


How much music do you listen to daily?

Thanks for the read….

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