The Reach of Music (03 Mar 21)

The Reach of Music (03 Mar 21)

Hey everyone, hope you all are well.

As you well know, we are songwriters, composers, musicians, instrumentalists singers (well, I think one of us can claim that last one, LOL), and this is what we love to do. As creators, oftentimes, we get influenced by many things. That said, I’ll share a story of such. About ten days or so, I saw something outside of my window that really made stop and look, look long enough that I recorded a video of it. That video started my creative composition juices flowing and went down to the studio later that evening and begin to work on this piece that this vision inspired.

That night and the next morning, I had the foundation of the track down, and decided the music would be a perfect fit to the vision that inspired it. My plan was to put a short 60 sec video together and post it to Instagram, as I’ve done many times before BUT I didn’t (and still haven’t) gotten around to that. What I did, instead, was to record a short video of the music playing in studio and posted that instead with the status that the video was coming.

One of my followers watched the video. In a previous post, mom posted about her 1 yr old baby fighting nap time, which I called her daughter “nap defying” LOL. The next day, she just happened to have a the song playing and her daughter must have heard the song playing over her mom’s phone. She told me her baby loves it, and comes back to that IG post and says this:

So I sent her the song. After two days, I go back to my DM to ask what happened when mom played her for her…it went like this:

I thought that whole thing was pretty amazing! I’ve heard many people come back and tell me they enjoyed some of the songs I’ve written over the years, but THIS was a first. :). I need to remind mom to send me that video of Gigi dancing…it’s a must see!

Music is a universal language, which truly affects and speaks to people in ways that can be unexpected.

Thanks for reading…

oceans of rhythm,