What is A6PM??

What is A6PM??


Greetings all…

Hope all is well with you and yours. Those of you that have been following us on Instagram have seen us post about our current project-in-the-works, “A6PM”. If it looks like an acronym, it is. So, what does it mean? A6PM is a concept/theme project meaning every track, in succession (like our debut project, “What Love Is”) tells a story from beginning to end. “A6PM” is a combination of AfterSix and PM (as in afternoon), but in this case, the story begins after 6pm and ends at, well…you’ll have to wait until the project drops to get the whole story (wink).

Stay tuned for more tidbits about the development as we take you behind the scenes from time to time.

Have a great weekend & stay safe.